Video games vs online gambling

Needless to say, both video games and gambling can be considered as the art. The gamer and gambler discover new sensuous experience, carry out experiments and try different new strategies and innovative technologies available. Assuming that our readers know well the principles of online casino, we would like to offer more information about video games before answering the above question.


A few words about history of video game

Computer games began in the 50s of the previous century. In April of 1962 the company DEC started selling small for that period of time computers PDP-1 with testing game «SpaceWar!» included in the software. Thus, «SpaceWar!» is considered as the first video game released to the general public. In 1974 the first civil computer network «Telenet» was launched. In 1997 the first MMORPG was created under a label «Ultima Online». That massively multiplayer online role-playing game had a real success. In a year the number of players all over the world made about 100 000 persons.

Nowadays the esport tournaments are arranged and millions of spectators watch the live webcast. These are special tournaments where the experienced gamers are playing in front of live and online audience in a real-time environment. The place, where the live audience comes, is land casinos, which are interested in additional income. Perhaps sometimes the online casinos will pay their attention at this segment of the market and enlarge their gambling with this kind of games trying to attract gamers with new bonuses. By the way, you can find out more about the bonuses existing as of today.



 Being so popular in the world in general, video games tournaments are still prohibited in some countries but the responsible authorities debate the possibility to make it legal in the nearest future, because this kind of entertainment and pastime attracts the younger generation and can be used for its personal and attitude development when kept under control.

Moreover, the developers of video games have been investigating the influence of games on the brain activity of older people and come to the conclusion that when stimulating the particular areas of brain it is possible to continue vitality and strengthen mental ability of seniors making their active life possible for a long time. So that is prospects for further development of video games.

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Video games classification

From the very beginning every new game was in a class by itself but in due course the diversity becomes so wide that a demand in creation of categories arises.

The games can be arranged in accordance with the following features:

  • genre, along which are action, RPG, strategy, quest, technic simulator, life simulator and others
  • quantity of players and the way they interact. Thus, there are games intended for one user, for several users, which play simultaneously, and massively multiplayer online games played over the Internet. It can be played on a personal computer, or with help of smartphone or other mobile devices, or over the Internet, or via e-mail;
  • visual representation: a play can include the graphics and background sounds or consist of text only. There are 2D and 3D games.
  • platform: using one platform or being multiplatform


What is the difference between online gambling and video games?

Though in general video games are not for earning money, as we mentioned before, they are becoming to be profitable for a gamer little by little. Taking part in correspondent tournaments the gamers can be awarded with money prize established by the arranger. While as given gambling is designed to wager money hoping to win even larger cash amounts. Here there is a difference, which can be blended soon. Still the games give you advantageous points and resources in virtual world, while in an online casino you can get bonuses in the form of real money that can be turned to cash or help to earn that cash.