What is Lady Luck for gamblers?

What’s luck got to do with it

Luck is the one thing that every gambler needs. Whether you enjoy playing in a physical casino or prefer gambling online, you can only succeed at your favourite games when Lady Luck is on your side. So it’s hardly surprising that gamblers throughout the ages have kept bizarre and fascinating good luck charms on them when they play their games. But what are the most popular good luck charms, what are their origins and how can today’s online gamblers update and use them?

Horseshoe symbols

The horseshoe is one of the oldest good luck charms in the world. Today, of course, nobody uses a real horseshoe – gamblers who use this charm usually opt for horseshoe-shaped cufflinks or other jewellery instead. Strangely, however, the horseshoe’s supposed lucky properties don’t have anything to do with its shape.

The idea that horseshoes are lucky can be traced back to a piece of medieval folklore that states that iron can protect a person from evil magic. At the time that the myth originated, horseshoes were the most commonly-owned iron object, so they became a symbol of good luck.

If you feel compelled to take advantage of the luckiness of the horseshoe symbol while gambling online, simply adding a small piece of horseshoe-shaped jewellery to your outfit is probably your best option, provided it’s made of iron.

Lucky rabbits’ feet

There’s an old joke that points out that a lucky rabbit’s foot is lucky for everyone… except the rabbit! Strangely, lucky rabbits’ feet have proved to be very popular with gamblers until relatively recently. But where does the idea that rabbits’ feet are lucky come from? It’s impossible to be certain, but the myth probably has its roots in old pagan practices, which frequently used symbols and components from animals and the natural world.

If you want to use a lucky rabbit’s foot when gambling online, you’ll be pleased to hear that you don’t have to do anything unpleasant to a bunny. Paganism beliefs are more symbolic than literal, so you don’t need an actual rabbit’s foot. Since you’re gambling online, you could just change your desktop wallpaper to an image of a lucky rabbit’s foot instead.

Four-leafed clovers

Four-leafed clovers are thought to be lucky primarily because of their sheer rarity and their association with the myths and legends of the Emerald Isle. Because the power of the four-leafed clover stems from its rarity, you should have a real one to bring you luck when you’re gambling – replicas and symbols just won’t do!

Of course, very few people still believe in lucky charms of any sort. They are rather anachronistic and today’s savvier, strategy-oriented gamblers don’t have much time for superstition. However, if you want to feel a little closer to your gambling forebears while you play online, there’s no harm in adopting a piece of horseshoe jewellery, a (fake) rabbit’s foot or a four-leafed clover. Besides, you never know, it really might bring you luck.